I've been a Jalopnik reader for years and a car guy way before that. Even though it seems like heresy, I am in line to take delivery of a Tesla Motors Model S in May. I have been following the company for quite a few years. I'm not sure what to think of the current New York Times kerfuffle, but what interests me more is that a publicly well recieved car has been so negatively viewed on Jalopnik. This post is suppose to be more of an ongoing "Ask Me Anything" style of post like on Reddit. In the comments feel free to ask any meaningful questions or throw in any comments that you as fellow Jalops have of Tesla Motors and Model S.

I do understand electric cars are different, but there seems to be a lot of assumptions made on the site that just aren't true. Sometimes it has to deal with battery technology, and a wide array of other things. I don't assume negative intent, but I want to help clarify some things for readers.

In full transparency, I recently sold my old business and I'm looking at starting a hobby business with a buddy this summer (www.teslatrips.com and there is even a blog for it I post on at www.teslatrips.wordpress.com).  I know a lot of the local Tesla owners in Oregon. We meet up once a month (www.pdxtesla.com).

Other fun facts about me: I think the Chevy Volt is inherently not very well engineered (thus the video at the top I posted the video just for kicks), and I generally prefer modern European cars. However American cars, mid 70's and before are always good in my book.


Tesla cars, hate them or love them have an amazing build quality. Now I wanted to make this post more of an "Ask Me Anything Reddit; Tesla Edition" in the comments area. Go wild...